CART and Remote CART Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

ARC is a leading provider of CART and Remote CART services to deaf and hard of hearing students at all levels of study.  Our flexible and discrete technology allows students to fully participate in classroom discussions by providing a complete, verbatim transcript of the discussion in real-time.  Other services only provide a summary.  If it was your child in the classroom, which would you rather have?

  • State-of-the-art Technology:   ARC uses 1CapApp, the leading remote CART software available.  It allows students to see exactly what is being said in real time on a laptop, iPad or other connected device.  In addition, students can take notes directly on the screen and even send themselves a transcript of the lecture immediately following the class.
  • Offline Captioning:  Archive provides captioning of previously recorded video that can be posted to your website, YouTube or other web platform.  
  • Live Events:  Broadcasting a sporting or other live event on your website or Facebook? Archive can provide live captions to help make your event accessible to your deaf and hard of hearing audience while making it more engaging for your entire audience.
  • Multiple Languages:  Archive can provide live captions in multiple languages simultaneously so your event reaches the broadest audience possible.


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