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Captioning for Virtual Conferences and Webinars

Archive offers a complete range of real-time captioning services, including CART and Remote CART services, to corporations of all sizes, worldwide.  Making sure your message reaches your audience is critical to any business.  Our state-of-the-art technology and attentive support teams makes sure everyone can participate. 

  • Virtual Conference Captioning:   Archive's experienced captioning team and knowledgable support staff makes sure your conference or meeting goes off without a hitch.  Captions are displayed in real-time and can be transmitted to any number of screens, laptops or mobile devices, whether in the room or around the world.
  • On-line Meetings:  ARC's experienced support teams can provide live captioning services on a number of popular web platforms including Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Webex and Adobe Connect.  Once your event is complete, we can provide a complete transcript and/or a time stamped file to load with the video. 

We offer easy to use caption integration tools with the most popular conferencing and streaming platforms, including Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting as well as YouTube and Facebook.

You can check out all of our integrations here.

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Easy to Use

Captioners join your event as a participant or panelist.  Captions are streamed in real time directly to your conferencing platform.  Our easy to use caption integrations make the process smooth and reliable.  Captions appear directly in your meeting in real time, making your meeting more accessible to all your participants.  There's virtually no delay between the spoken word and the text appearing on the screen.

Fast and Accurate

Our experienced and certified captioners are trained stenographers who can type up to 250 words per minute, fast enough to keep up with even the fastest talkers.  All with accuracy exceeding 98%.

Fast Track Your Video Captioning

Looking to add captions to your online video?  Archive can provide a caption ready file for your event video.  We can provide a wide variety of file formats including SRT, ITT and many others.  We have a number of different options to make video captioning easy and cost effective.  A draft transcript of each session is included for each event.

Not sure what you need?  Call or email us and one of our staff will give you all of the options.

Superior Customer Service

Our knowledgable staff is available every step of the way to make sure captions for your event go smoothly.  We'll work with you and your team to make sure everything is ready and tested in advance of your meeting.  

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Live Captioning Remote CART & Services

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As a leader in live captioning and remote CART services, Archive offers cost effective, professional live captioning services for virtual conferences and meetings, live streams, webinars, town halls and other special events.

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Zoom Captioning

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Archive Captioning can help make your Zoom meetings more accessible for employees, clients and other stakeholders.  Our captions integrate seamlessly with Zoom so attendees can view the captions in real time.  

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Transcription Services


With over 30 years of experience transcribing for all types of industries, Archive Captioning has provided our clients with accurate and timely transcripts for all of their audio and video needs.

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