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Captioning for Virtual Conferences and Webinars

Archive7K0A0664 Captioning has been a leader in providing cost effective Live Captioning and Remote CART services for over 20 years. 

Our services help make your conference or event more accessible, expanding your audience and increasing retention and comprehension while complying with ADA and WCAG 2 guidelines. 

We use only experienced live captioners based here in the US for the highest level of accuracy and confidentiality with no delays in the captions, allowing your attendees to fully participate in the event. 

Whether your event is in person, on-line or a hybrid, our knowledgable support team is available 24/7 to help out with a tight deadline or a last-minute project!

We provide:

  • Webinar captioning on platforms such as Zoom, Adobe Connect, GoToWebinar and Webex
  • Captioning for live events streaming to Vimeo, UStream Facebook Live and YouTube and many other platforms.
  • Captioning for meetings, events and conferences on Hopin, Whova, BigMarker, Big Blue Button and many others.

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Make your webinars more accessible

We have developed a wide range of easy to use caption integrations that seamlessly integrate the captioned text with many of the most popular streaming platforms and collaboration software. The captioned text and presentation can easily be displayed directly in the meeting or conference platform.

Make your live meetings, conferences and events more accessible

Our easy to use, browser-based caption streaming platform can stream captions in real time to screens or monitors throughout the room or to overlay captions on a presentation or Powerpoint, making the content accessible to everyone. Having a large display screen with the flowing text allows audience members to focus on the message rather than straining to hear and comprehend.  Our technology supports hybrid events as well by allowing remote attendees to view the captioning in the live stream or using a browser window.

Have questions or want more information?  Check out our Live Captioning and CART FAQ's.

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Live Captioning Remote CART & Services

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As a leader in live captioning and remote CART services, Archive offers cost effective, professional live captioning services for virtual conferences and meetings, live streams, webinars, town halls and other special events.

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Zoom Captioning

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Archive Captioning can help make your Zoom meetings more accessible for employees, clients and other stakeholders.  Our captions integrate seamlessly with Zoom so attendees can view the captions in real time.  

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Transcription Services


With over 30 years of experience transcribing for all types of industries, Archive Captioning has provided our clients with accurate and timely transcripts for all of their audio and video needs.

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