Archive Captioning FAQ

We handle all kinds of transcription work -- Interviews, dictations, business meetings, conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, legal deposition and other legal transcription needs, radio shows, video shows, panel discussions, sermons, seminars, etc. We do transcription work for professors, teachers, students, insurance professionals, financial professionals, doctors, psychiatrists, preachers, market researchers, corporate meetings, lawyers, and more.

ARC can work with almost any format of audio or video although we greatly prefer digital files. The quality of the audio is far superior to that of analog recordings which results in better quality transcripts. That being said, we’ll work with you to get your file transcribed.

ARC's secured web site upload uses 256 bit encryption to secure your file before and during the transmission of your file to our servers. Our process is HIPAA certified for data security during transmission and at rest.

Yes, ARC has a large pool of transcribers available to handle your project.