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Why students choose ARC:

"I was always struggling to understand discussions and participate during class, never fully understanding what was going on.  But once CART services were provided to me, my grades improved at least one letter grade and I gained confidence to participate in class discussions without fear of misunderstanding the topics."

Wendy Williams, Temple University

Why University Directors of Disability Services chose ARC:

"We at Bloomsburg University have been most pleased with the services provided to our consumers - both students and faculty - by Archive. They have been great with planning, set up, and delivery of critical support. "

Peter Walters, Director of Disability Services, Bloomsburg University

Why marketing research professionals choose ARC:

"Accuracy is king. That’s what Archive delivers, and they deliver it fast, and with incredibly friendly, personal service. I recommend them highly!"

Greg Womble
Freelance Marketing Researcher

Why meeting planners choose ARC:

"This past year, I experienced my first teleconference meeting with our office's Central Office in Harrisburg, and my office in Bellefonte, PA.  Archive Captioning were able to assist me to understand what was being said at this meeting.  It was the first time I was able to participate and understand everything being said during the meeting.  I walked out like I actually was part of a major meeting.  Thank you Archive Captioning for providing this wonderful service and making those with hearing disability lives easier and less stressful in our work environment."

Barb Hudson
SCI Rockview/SCI Benner Twp. State Institutions
Bellefonte, PA

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Remote CART & Live Captioning Services

remote cart live captioning

Archive is a leading provider of remote CART and live captioning services. We provide cost effective, professional CART and live captioning services for conferences, special events, webinars and classes.

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Onsite and Video Remote Interpreting Services

onsite remote video interpreting

Archive offers experienced onsite ASL interpreters in PA, NJ, DE, MD and metro DC areas. We also offer video remote interpreting (VRI) services.

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TypeWell Services

typewell cprint

Archive is pleased to offer TypeWell services to educational institutions around the country. These services are a cost effective option for students looking for a clear, concise transcription of classes and lectures.

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Transcription Services


With over 30 years of experience transcribing for all types of industries, Archive Captioning has provided our clients with accurate and timely transcripts for all of their audio and video needs.

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