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Remote CART & Captioning

ARC is a leading provider of remote CART and live captioning services. Whether you’re looking for remote CART, broadcast services or captions for your Facebook Live stream, ARC can meet your needs.  Our state-of- the-art technology provides multiple platform options including mobile devices.

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Video Remote Interpreting

Archive's video remote interpreting (VRI) services ensure that a certified, experienced ASL interpreter is only a click away!  Using our secure, HIPAA compliant VRI platform, clients can access our pool of talented ASL and foreign language interpreters 24/7/365.  There is no software to install and we can use your existing equipment.

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TypeWell and C-print Services

Archive is pleased to offer TypeWell and C-print services to educational institutions around the country.  These services are a cost effective option for students looking for a clear, concise transcription of classes and lectures.  To find out if these services are a good fit for your students, contact Archive today or click below to learn more.

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Corporate Office:
3702 Chase Court
Newtown Square, PA 19073

24/7 Customer Service: 800-870-1795
Email: info@archivecaptioning.com
Fax: 610-537-6124