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Remote CART for Interviews - Best Practices

We work with several tech companies providing remote CART and live captioning for their meetings, town halls and other events.  These companies work hard to be as inclusive as possible in all areas of their business and this extends to hiring the best possible candidates for a position.  As a result, we get several requests a month to provide CART services for interview candidates.  Many of these candidates are familiar with CART but not all of their interviewers are so we thought it would good to put some best practices out there for folks.

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Just how accessible is your workplace?

Many companies consider themselves to be great places to work.  In fact, being considered a desirable work place is often a tool to attract more and better talent to an organization and, possibly more importantly, to retain talented staff.  One aspect of being considered an attractive workplace is inclusiveness and diversity.  In today's post we'll talk a little about what it means to be inclusive, particularly with regard to people with disabilities, and how that can translate into business success.

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What is TypeWell?

Archive Captioning is pleased to be offering TypeWell services as part of its accessibility offerings.  In this post, we thought we would take a few minutes talk about what TypeWell is and how it benefits users in multiple settings.

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Federal Judge Requires Theater to Provide Captioning For All Live Performances

A federal judge in Missouri ordered a theater to provide captioning services for all live theatrical performances, saying that by not doing so, the theater was denying the plaintiff's equal opportunity to participate in the theater's performances.  The ruling serves as a reminder to organizers of public events that they should have a plan for ensuring effective communication for participants and spectators with different types of disabilities.

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Review of Closed Captioning Rules for Public, Educational and Government (PEG) Channels

We’ve gotten a number of inquiries recently from small towns and municipalities regarding captioning for broadcasts of their public meetings on their local access channel so I thought it might be helpful to spend a few minutes on the rules for captioning on these so-called PEG channels. I’ll also throw out some ideas on how to address them.

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