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Joint Session of Congress

Accurate, Highly Secure Live Captioning for Governments

For over 20 years, Archive has provided live captioning services to state legislatures, city and town councils and other government agencies around the country.  With experience working with many different platforms and encoders, our support staff can ensure your meeting goes smoothly.  Our experienced real-time captioners accurately capture all of the proceedings helping you meet the needs of your constituents.  

Why caption your legislative meetings?

Many local government agencies take the position that the FCC does not require them to provide captions for their legislative sessions that they stream to their local PEG channel or on the web.  Many feel that the cost of providing captions, when compared with the relatively small operating budgets of their broadcast channels, is prohibitive and therefore absolves the municipality from providing live captioning.  However, several recent lawsuits brought by activist lawyers representing deaf and hard of hearing constituants have led municipalities to re-think their approach to providing captioning for their events.  

That all of these suits have been settled out of court and not gone to trial should not be overlooked.  The actual cost of providing live captioning services for a modest size town with 4-8 hours of meetings per month is less than $10,000 per year, excluding any hardware that may need to be acquired to support the process.  While not insignificant, it does provide access to deaf and hard of hearing taxpayers eager to participate in their government.  Further, with more and more content being viewed online and on mobile devices, captioning can make meetings accessible to constituants who want to view the sessions  in situations where the use of audio is not acceptable, such as public transportation or a library.

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Live Stream Captioning

As a leader in live captioning and remote CART services, Archive offers cost effective, professional live captioning services for virtual conferences and meetings, live streams, webinars, town halls and other special events.

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Zoom Captioning

Make the most of your virtual meetings and webinars by adding live captioning services from Archive Captioning.  Our integrated services for Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings are easy to use and improves content retention and increases audience participation.       Learn more »