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Zoom Bombing: What is it and how to prevent it

With most of us stuck at home during the global coronavirus pandemic, we're getting a lot more familiar with online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Hangouts, Webex and others.  These platforms have made it easier to be in touch with work, family and friends while we practice social distancing.

However, there is a new trend developing that is impacting primarily Zoom users. It's called "Zoom bombing" and it's becoming more of a problem, especially for public meetings and conferences.  For more about what Zoom bombing is and how you can prevent it, read on.

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Harvard required to ramp up captioning services after settlement with NAD

In a recent settlement with the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) that could have far reaching implications for colleges and universities, Harvard University will begin captioning all videos and online broadcasts of events.  The settlement resolves a class action lawsuit brought by the NAD and others in November, 2015.

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Legal Update: City of Key West settles ADA suit over closed captioning of meetings

Last year we wrote about Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) channels and their requirements to provide closed captioning of live meetings broadcast on their web sites and public access channels.  Now the City of Key West has settled a lawsuit brought by a hearing impaired man over the City's compliance with the ADA.

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Remote CART for Interviews - Best Practices

We work with several tech companies providing remote CART and live captioning for their meetings, town halls and other events.  These companies work hard to be as inclusive as possible in all areas of their business and this extends to hiring the best possible candidates for a position.  As a result, we get several requests a month to provide CART services for interview candidates.  Many of these candidates are familiar with CART but not all of their interviewers are so we thought it would good to put some best practices out there for folks.

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Federal Judge Requires Theater to Provide Captioning For All Live Performances

Fabulous Fox TheatreFabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis, Missouri

A federal judge in Missouri ordered a theater to provide captioning services for all live theatrical performances, saying that by not doing so, the theater was denying the plaintiff's equal opportunity to participate in the theater's performances.  The ruling serves as a reminder to organizers of public events that they should have a plan for ensuring effective communication for participants and spectators with different types of disabilities.

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Live Captioning Remote CART & Services

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Live Stream Captioning

As a leader in live captioning and remote CART services, Archive offers cost effective, professional live captioning services for virtual conferences and meetings, live streams, webinars, town halls and other special events.

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Zoom Captioning

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Zoom Captioning

Make the most of your virtual meetings and webinars by adding live captioning services from Archive Captioning.  Our integrated services for Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings are easy to use and improves content retention and increases audience participation.       Learn more »